Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Our Summer Vacation to Utah (see the photo album)

This past July we took our summer vacation to Utah to visit family and friends (including many of you who read my blog). I want to thank you all for your hospitality. It was great to see all of you again. I've set up a photo album showing our vacation over on the right side of my blog. Click on it, have a look at the pictures, comment, and keep in touch!

On the way driving back home to Kansas, the last hour was terrible! I had to resort to slapping my face and bitting my fingers to keep me awake. Now there's a crazy picture in your mind! Rachel woke up for a short time and wondered if she was having a wierd dream. Can anyone relate? The rest of the family was asleep in the car. I dared not stop and catch a nap, because the kids would wake up. I just had to drive on through.


Maria said...

Biting your fingers, huh? That's a new one. Jeff has this problem when we are driving home from his step-dad's house. It's a 6 hour drive home and we are usually doing it after 5pm. He usually rolls down the windows and blasts CDs. I'm not happy, but he stays awake. Looks like you had a lot of fun! Mom and I, right now, are going to start planning a road trip to Yellowstone for this coming summer. My son is going to love it. He has this fascination with geology, like his dad. Earthquake, thunderstorms, hurricanes, typhoons... he wants to know everything about them.

BTW... great pictures of your girls on the horses!!!

Sonja said...

That has me laughing because I've done similar things just to keep myself awake and on the road.