Monday, June 8, 2009

Voldemort with his Peeps, Yo !!!

One of our family traditions I look forward to the most, is reading bedtime stories to our two daughters. (Adam will soon be getting his separate bedtime story time on account of his earlier bedtime.) Over the last few years, we've been reading the Harry Potter series. Just these past few days, we reached the end of book 6 and have begun book 7 (the last one).

To keep their minds active and to help them keep the plot line going in their brains, I usually ask at the start every night: "Do you remember where we left off?" The night before, we had just started the 7th book and made it halfway through the 1st chapter. Their response to my question turned out pretty funny. Rachel said: "Voldemort was sitting around a big table, talking with his . . . peeps". Well, Hannah (like she does so often), took this sudden opportunity to quickly act the part of a hip-hop, rappin' Voldemort, and said something in character like: "Yo, my peeps! I want you to help me find a boy called Harry Potter, so I can kill him, yo!"

You have to know Hannah pretty well to appreciate how funny this is. I didn't laugh so much at her interpretation of the scene - she tries to talk like a hip-hop rapper much to much for my taste. I couldn't help but laugh because of the way she laughs when she finds something completely hilarious. It's infectious.

I'm excited to take them to the next Harry Potter movie coming out in theaters next month, to see how closely the plot follows book 6.

After we finish reading the Harry Potter series, it will be time to open up to them the world of "The Hobbit".

Sometimes I wonder how old Rachel will be before she doesn't want to be read a bedtime story anymore. She'll be turning 12 this coming winter.

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Sonja said...

It's awesome that your kids are enjoying the Harry Potter series, my kids still have a short attention span so I can't wait to open up that world of adventure.

Have you heard of the Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull? It's excellent! Your kids would love it, I picked them up at the LDS bookstore a couple of weeks ago and have a hard time putting them down.