Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Can You Take The Heat?

Welcome to my little world. This is my first blog entry. I hope you enjoy it and join me in many discussions. Most people use talk of the weather as a last resort. But not me - I'm a weatherman! More accurately, I'm a Meteorologist with the National Weather Service. But not to worry. I'll try to keep such talk to a minimum. :)

With daily high temperatures well into the 90s and limited amounts of rain for most of this month, things are beginning to dry out around here. If this area doesn't receive at least another 1/4 inch of rain before the end of July, this will become the driest month on record. Also, if 3/4 inch of rain fails to make it to the ground by the end of August, this will become the driest summer on record.

Thank goodness the cost of water is included in our rent! Gotta keep that lawn green!

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