Thursday, July 26, 2007

True Colors

At work today, we had a True Colors workshop/presentation, to foster understanding and cooperation among all of our different temperaments. It's like the next program in line after Briggs/Meyer, Keirsey, etc.

To really sum things up, there are four different character colors:

Orange: Adventurous, Spontaneous, Entertaining, Risky
Gold: Secure, Loyal, Traditional, Organized, Family/Home oriented
Blue: Romatic, Harmonious, Sensitive, Compassionate
Green: Intelligent, Curious, Problem Solving, Requiring Explanation

We went through a few exercises to establish which was our own primary color and how far below the other colors ranked for each of us, creating our color spectrum. Then, we split up into color groups to brain-storm common traits amongst ourselves and also to compliment other color groups.

What's your primary true color?

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Sonja said...

I think I'm a good mix of all of those, it would be neat to take that quiz and learn more, though.