Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

Another Halloween has come and gone. We had a good time. This year, Adam was old enough to start enjoying it more . . . although he got pretty tired and cranky by the time we finished trick-or-treating. Rachel dressed up as a Renaissance Lady; Hannah dressed up as a Karate Girl; and we put Adam in a Little Doggy costume. We first walked around our little neighborhood here, then drove around the rest of the town to friends' and acquaintances' places. The kids made a pretty good haul.

We've come in to the tradition of carving jack-o-lanterns the day before Halloween. I enjoy that task - trying to make what the kids draw on paper come to life on their pumpkins (as long as there aren't too many curves). This year was even more enjoyable because we grew these pumpkins ourselves in our garden from the seeds from last year's jack-o-lanterns. Gotta love saving those pumpkin seeds!

Over on the right side of the blog, I've posted a slideshow of recent/Halloween pictures. Please look through them, enjoy, and keep in touch!


Anonymous said...

Wow, cute Halloween pics! I tried to leave a comment at some of the pics but it wouldn't let me. Probably gremlins...

Brad, it was precious to see you in your farmer garb while harvesting your pumpkin crop. Grandpa would be proud. So am I.


Brad said...

Thanks, Mom.

I'm not much of a farmer, though. That's just me wearing gloves (because I hate getting my hands dirty) and a hat (my neck and ears burn too easily). Everything else you see are my regular street clothes. :)

Maria said...

Your kids are adorable. My son came up with his costume all on his own. The only thing we couldn't get him was a straight jacket, which is what he REALLY wanted. Unfortunately we can't do jack-o-lanterns anymore because of the neighborhood kids. Next year you should see if you can look up the recipe for making pumpkin pie inside the pumpkins :)

Sonja said...

I love the new pictures! Sounds like you had fun. We baked seeds from our pumpkins this year, Larry ate most of them :)